A painting of the sea by Christie Yung-hei Chan


Christie Chan | 陳雍希

Christie Yung-hei Chan is an independent curator, artist and writer based in the North East of England. Alongside her artistic practice, she also composes children’s music for educational purposes. She is one of the two co-founders of Art Matters Now, a UK-based curatorial initiative that engages artists and the public in the discussion of social issues. She received her BA (Hons) in Fine Arts from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, and graduated with distinction from Newcastle University with an MA in Art Museum and Gallery Studies. 

Recent projects:

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陳雍希,生於香港,現居英國。從事藝術策展寫作工作,同時涉獵兒童教育音樂創作。她是Art Matters Now 的創辦人之一。於香港中文大學文學學士畢業後,赴英國紐卡素大學攻讀碩士學位,並以優等榮譽畢業。

Art Matters Now

Art Matters Now (AMN) is a curatorial initiative that engages artists and the public in the discussion of social issues through exhibitions and digital content. Co-founded by Rory Williams and Christie Chan, it runs with an aim to provide emerging artists in the North East of England with opportunities that can help them develop professionally and creatively. In 2020, it debuted with its first exhibition Our Fragile Coexistence, supported with funding from Arts Council England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund, through Sunderland Culture’s Creative Development Fellowship. It was also awarded the Creative Space Residency by the North East Contemporary Visual Arts Network (North East CVAN) in the same year.

In tandem with its curatorial work, AMN also offers digital support to arts and cultural organisations, creating interactive virtual tours and various forms of digital content specifically for exhibition, engagement and educational purposes. It has previously produced digital content for a number of venues and organisations in the UK, including: Norfolk Street Arts CIC, Vane Gallery, Sunderland Museum and Winter Gardens, Arts Centre Washington, and the University of Cambridge. 

Art Matters Now (AMN) 是一項策展計劃,將科技融入展覽策劃過程,透過藝術展覽討論不同的社會議題,旨在為英格蘭東北部新晉藝術家製造發展創作事業的機會。AMN由Rory Williams與陳雍希共同創辦。2020年,AMN獲Sunderland Culture資助策劃首個展覽,展覽名為《Our Fragile Coexistence》,並於同年獲North East CVAN頒予 Creative Space Residency。

同時,AMN亦為藝術文化機構提供數碼支援,製作虛擬展覽以及不同類型的數碼內容,拓展機構觀眾層面,作展覽或教學用途。AMN曾合作的機構包括Sunderland Culture旗下博物館以及劍橋大學。