A Flight of Fancy


© 2015 Christie Chan 陳雍希. All rights reserved.

A Flight of Fancy
Eggshells on paper, watercolour on paper, strings, shoes, step ladder

‘A Flight of Fancy’ originates from an interest in exploring the physicality of an eggshell and its possibilities as an art material. Fragile yet strong, an eggshell represents both confinement and breakthrough. These associations have led to a reimagination of a scene from The Little Prince, where the protagonist has fled his planet with the help of migratory birds. The installation can be seen as a reinterpretation of this imagery, but with a twist. It encompasses reflections on the escapism and claustrophobia that subtly lingers among people in this city. 

A few lines from seven different poems about migratory birds were selected and paired with twelve ‘wounded’ eggshells. Accompanied by illustrations on the side, the eggshells are tied to a pair of shoes with strings, forming a tableau that visualises a surreal and fantasised escape plan—one that is yet to come true as the eggs remain unhatched.




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