The Apprentice of Atlas


The Apprentice of Atlas
Single channel digital video, stainless steel spoons, watercolour on paper
2:00, B/W, loop, size variable

A way to flip one’s inverted reflection in the spoon right-side up is to do a handstand in front of the spoon. The world within the spoon is a world turned upside down. I imagined, doing a handstand in such a world can be seen as an act of lifting up the sky, while the sky’s weight felt by the handstander is indeed their own weight.

The Apprentice of Atlas is a fabricated myth developed from this imaginary logic. It is about how the apprentice responds to an environment which goes against her nature and how she struggles between two choices: to conform to, or, to struggle against such an environment. The narrative also addresses the burdens one might have to bear in life. Its sky represents different things at different parts of the story. At the beginning, it represents one’s duty. As the story develops, it also symbolises emptiness and the apprentice’s awareness of her own existence—some of the things that, perhaps, constitute the heaviest burdens in life.



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